30 August, 2017

Stone Dragon Mountain

The second of today's parcels was unexpected, because the postal note in the letter box only indicated I had one package waiting. It was mailed here in Australia, from +Matt Horam of EttinCon fame.

Inside, a copy of Stone Dragon Mountain, purchased by +Jez Gordon while he was over at GenCon, from +Sean Nittner and the Torchbearer/Burning-Wheel team.

Thanks Guys!!!

I'd been meaning to pick this u in the Kickstarter, since I did the maps in it (as I indicated here on the blog back when they were done 18 months ago). But cash was tight while the project was running, and by the time I had enough funds to get a copy...the chance was gone.

It's so nice seeing my name in a nicely printed book that I didn't make myself.

There it is...under Art... I did the maps.

...and there's one of the maps.

Yes. I'm excited. Probably the fact that I received two different packages of books in one day... and this one's really good. Now I'm going to have to buy a copy of Torchbearer so I can play the thing.  

Tonight I've been cleaning up some papers, and found the original maps that were scanned and manipulated digitally before being sent over for insertion into the book. If I had the chance to do these maps again, there are a few changes I would have made, but generally I'm pretty happy with the way they've turned out.

(Let's see if these maps generate any more work) 

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