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Landlubbers and Scurvy Dogs

Today be Talk like a Pirate Day . So it be hardly surprisin' that there'd be a post here 'bout that most important o' days. Contrary to what many folks be thinkin', this day o' the year was not started t' celebrate those fine films about th' Carribbean, it started long before those films. In light of this most auspicious o' days I've been much considering whether I should be takin' advantage o' the links between this day and th' Eighth Sea. Perhaps I should be releasin' a sourcebook ev'ry year on this day, or me'be a discount at the online store...once it be runnin'. Somethin' t' seriously start thinkin' 'bout fer next year.

Living up to my word

When we ran The Eighth Sea at GenCon we promised that one or two people from every session would be sent out a copy of the rules as a prize for their participation and interaction. Earlier this week I recieved my box of books from and the prizes are now in the process of actually being sent out to the players. I'm getting back a few good feedback emails, hopefully that word of mouth for the game will start to spread and it will develop further over the next few months.

Eighth Sea Distribution

I've got the first batch of the Eighth Sea on it's way to me, with copies to be sent to distributors as a sample of the work. This batch will also include (finally!!) the promised free copies that were due to go to players from GenCon. Hopefully they'll arrive soon, and hopefully there will be no problems with the binding (unlike some of the horror stories I've heard from Lulu. Fingers crossed.

Marriage and Friends

This month I've been married for five years (on September 20th to be exact). It just struck me. The reason I thought of this is the fact that the last time I physically laid eyes on my best man was at the wedding, but out of the blue he has appeared again on my radar through Facebook. It's odd that this person who I still consider one of my best friends is someone who I haven't seen in ages. And it's odd to think of all the changes that have happened in my life since I last saw him (as well as thinking of ll the changes I'd have expected, which simply haven't occured in that time).