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New Year's Resolutions

Leah just told me that she doesn't have any. I've thought about them a couple of times and I usually manage to make it through a couple of months before I break them all. It's not like I drink heavily (rarely more than an absinthe or two each week, maybe a couple of ciders or shots of some spirit on a saturday night every couple of months when we have friends over), I don't smoke, I'm reasonably fit... most of the usual New Year's Resolutions just don't work. Last year I wanted to ensure that I got my roleplaying game written, printed and available for sale. So I actually managed to succeed on that one. With a bit of work underway already, I think I'll aim to get my current comic book project finished in the next couple of months and start sending it to publishing companies. A second project will have to be the suit of Iron Man armour I'm planning to build. I've got a decent way through moulding up the helmet, and I should start putting some

Leah's Birthday

Today, the 17th of December, is my wife's birthday. Another year older, despite all hopes and intentions to stay young forever. It's interesting how some people seem to enjoy the process of birthdays, while others hate them with a vengeance. Leah, my wife, fits into the latter category. It seems that every year around mid November, her mood starts to get dark and stormy. Gradually getting worse until it climaxes in the days just before her birthday, at which point she gives up in the struggle against time, and concedes that she'll just have to get a year older. In turn this leaves her depressed until the end of the year. It's interesting to think that some scientists claim we are one of the last generations who will die of old age [I wish I had a couple of links to back up that comment...I guess I'll have to go searching].

Auditory Fulfilment

I'd forgotten how much fun it is to play with sound. I'm doing a project in which I have to generate a short film no more than 4 minutes in length. A few people doing similar projects have just decided to sit in front of a camera and talk about themselves for a bit...but I can't do that. It's just to easy...that, and I'm a bit of a cameraphobe. I'm sure there's a proper word for "cameraphobe"...and it's not photophobic, because I'm not against light in general...but that's getting off topic. Anyway, I've decided to make a movie in the old silent film style. A series of vignettes interspersed with narrative panels, and a jaunty rag-time piano playing in the background. As a result of this I've been collecting a few sound bites and the ideas have started flowing. Hopefully I'll have the project finished this evening.

End of the Year

Suddenly, I realise that it's December and I wonder where the time has gone. This time last year I was about the be terminated from Dick Smith Electronics for having Asperger's Syndrome. I can't prove this, but within a matter of weeks of alerting certain people to this, I had been given a rush of formal warnings and termination. At the time I didn't bother with the idea of legal repercussions over the incident. It just seemed petty, no more petty than what was done to me, but it seemed petty none-the-less. But with the passing of a year, I have to consider what I've done over the past 12 months. I've been studying at TAFE, I've written and published a roleplaying game, I've worked for 6 months with a small business that has been on the verge of collapse for the past ten years (it seems to finally be sinking...but I can't be sure about that). I've started working with a new series of concepts for a comic book and I've been toying with the