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Injury, Dishonour, Panic and Scourge

As a part of the miniatures/live action game based in my goblin world, I've got four ways of inflicting penalties on a target: Injury (Based on Bones) - A physical form of penalty Dishonour (Based on Bugs) - A social form of penalty Scourge (Based on Cogs) - A spiritual/psychic form of penalty Panic (Based on Tools) - A mental form of penalty If a goblin suffers a point of penalty, all actions within that spehere suffer a minor impairment. If a goblin suffers a second point in the same form of penalty, all actions within that sphere suffer a major impairment. If a goblin suffers a third point in the same form of penalty, they are removed from play for the remainder of the turn. At the end of the turn there is a chance that a goblin will reduce their current penalties, but the more penalzed they become, the harder it is for them to shake off the issues that afflict them. The whole point here is that a goblin can drive off their foes by doing various types of harm, whether physically

Goblin Numbering

I don't like it when an author or artist simply uses a different font to represent another culture's language. To make the goblins distinct, I've been working on a numbering system and a complete language from scratch. The language won't be ready for a few more months (maybe even a year or two), so it won't be a part of the tarot release, but the numbers are ready and will be used to mark the cards. For more information on this project, see

Goblin Tarot Companion Sample

After a few weeks of work, here is the sneak preview of the Goblin Tarot Companion. I'd still love to get a few more sponsors to make sure the project is kicked off properly, but at this stage it seems to have stagnated.

The Goblin Tarot

For those of you who are unaware, I've started an IndieGoGo project to fund the first part of my Goblin game. This project is called the Goblin Tarot and begins by providing a tarot deck derived from the mythology of my goblin world. Those who contribute a little more will receive a booklet containing some games to play with the card deck, some further insight into the goblin world and some goblinesque methods of divination. For information about this project, visit the IndieGoGo site . (P.S. If you've got any available funds and you'd love a fun present for this years festive season, I'd appreciate a few new backers)