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House Move Finished

I've finally finished moving house. Now my biggest issue is getting some kind of internet connection back. Hopefully that shouldn't take too long.

Walkabout Page Updated

It cam as some surprise that half of the Walkabout page was missing. There must have been some issues during the last update. Maybe the server got disconnected halfway through the process. As a result of this, the Walkabout Page on the Vulpinoid Studios Website has now been updated. It can be found here.

The dangers of Commitment

The annoying thing about committing to impending projects is the fact that inevitably, things will occur that you haven't planned for. I've been preparing for moving house for two months now...which has left me in a flux state for an indeterminate period, living off borrowed internet (because we shut our accounts down, not knowing when the move would actually hit), throwing myself into computer based activities (because the laptop is unpacked while most of my art supplies, DVDs and other amusements are packed), and other disruptions to the normal routine. I had hoped for a weekend of release over the past few days, but even that didn't work put right. I was aiming to play a few sessions of FUBAR at Sydcon, to iron out some bugs and seriously put it through it's paces with a variety of people. But things went catastrophically wrong for two reasons. First, the real estate decided to give an open house viewing of our property, right in the middle of Saturday. The house