Game Chef 2015

This page is a link to all of the reviews I've done for Game Chef 2015. Ordered according to my rankings of them, rather than the order in which I did the reviews.

High Distinction (85%+)
Tea Ceremony (Niamh Schönherr) 86% [Finalist]

Distinction (75%-84%)
Wings (David Rothfeder) 79% [Finalist]
Dragonfly (1) (The Warden) 77%
Dreams in Stasis (Scott Malthouse) 77%
Folie a Deux (Abstract Machine) 77%
Good Night Fairy Theatre (Emily Griggs) 76% [Finalist and English Language Winner]
Dragonfly 3RR0R (Daniel Violatto) 75%
Dragonfly Yoga Studio (Shawn Roske) 75%
EXUVIAE (Sean Smith) 75%
Mere Players (Windcaller Studios) 75%

Credit (65%-74%)
Virtual Dream Era: How the Story Went (Karissa E Perry)73%
Driven to Tears (Wraith808) 72%
Rent the Veil (Adam Robichaud and Kelley Vanda) 70%
Back Home (Scott Slomiany) 68%
Dragonfly (2) (Steve Dee) 68%
Stillness of the Tomb (Thaddeus Kelly and Andrew Barnes) 68%
All Hail Bugtopia (Hannah Shaffer) 67%
Dwolma (David King) 67%
Welcome to Eyeland (Tobie Abad) 67%
Get Well Soon (Vulpinoid Studios) 66%
Odonata (Alla Hoffman) 65%
QRC ICYMI (John Yanush) 65%

Pass (50-64%)
Drifted (Federico 'Cybertroll' Danelli) 64%
Escape from Dreamland (Teagan McFarland) 64%
Kaidankai no Akitsushima (Christopher Stone-Bush) 64%
Over Agitation (PiHalbe) 63%
White Light (Andrew Montgomery-Hurrell) 62%
The Collective (Beth Hintze) 61%
Sisters of the Hive 59% (Jordan Saxby) [Finalist]
The Glimpsers (Evan Rowland) 59%
Being Freud (Crews, Shelton, and Thornton) 58%
Divine Conflict (S R Pant) 58%
Fallen (Gwen Foster) 56%
A Requiem for Faerie (Willow Palecek) 55%
Dragonfly Ranch (Graham Allen) 54%
Look (Martin Van Houtte) 54%
Forgotten Dreams (Philip Beverly) 53%
Law & Order & The Otherworld (Steve Johnson) 52%
Sweeps Week (Rose Docherty) 50%

Needs Work (30-49%)
Acolyte of the Dragonfly (Rook) 49%
Dear Deliverance (Larry Spiel) 46%
Alchemical (Jacob Hockins) 44%
American Dream (Abram Bussiere) 43%
Ephemeral (Ephraim Gregor) 43%
Tjukurpa (Dimitri Balcaen) 43%
Followed by Dragonflies (Phillip Anthony Wessels) 41%
The Last Hour (Jenn Martin) 39%
Dragonship (John Evans) 35%
A Traveler's Handbook (Johanna Hamren) 32%
The Zone (Julius Doboszewski)30%

Try Again (0-29%)


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