Game Chef Review 40: The Glimpsers by Evan Rowland

The Glimpsers

Ingredients: 8 [Dream (4), Stillness (4)]
This game really plays with the concept of Dream and Stillness in a way unlike that found among the other entries. The idea is that a single player glimpses the dreamers, caught in the act, but only for an instant. This instant is reflected in the stillness of the pose made by the dreamers. It's clever.

Theme: 3
This is an unusual parlour game, but it is still a parlour game, and that's a very established niche within the gaming community rather than a new or different audience.

Would I Play This?: 3
I don't know if I'd play this, I might be interested to see how it works as someone watching it... And that might lure me in further, but as it stands, it doesn't reach out and grab me.

Completeness: 7 [6 +1 Bonus for accessibility]
There is certainly a whole game here. Including play examples, cards to print out, everything you could want to get started with a session of play. I like the quality and imagery of the cards as well, they add to the overall theme and professionalism of the game.

Innovation: 6
I've seen games like this used as exercises in theatre classes, maybe not with the cards, and certainly not in this exact format, but a lot of the components feel familiar in one way or another. As I've said before, this isn't necessarily a bad thing, it's just not the kind of innovation I look for in the entries of a contest like this.

Output Quality: 6 [Language (3), Layout (2), Imagery (1)]
The language used in this game is atmospheric and descriptive, the layout is functional and does what it needs to. I like the opening image, and the card layout, so a bonus point for imagery is justified.

Overall: 59% Pass [24+6+3+14+6+6]
Cleaned up, I could see this design sitting on the shelf of a local gaming store, it's a clever idea... Hell, if "Cards Against Humanity" can become a best-seller, I can't see why this couldn't do likewise.


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