Map Tutorials

A list of the map tutorials so far...
  1. It Begins - A quick overview
  2. Villages - Basic buildings
  3. Jungle Trails - Forests and some new options 
  4. Towns - Getting into further building details
  5. Islands - Playing with geography
  6. Shading and Hatching - A few techniques for adding texture and shade
  7. Blasphemous Mine - Underground settings
  8. The High Seas - Maps of ships
  9. Old School Wilderness - Some traditional techniques for landscapes
  10. Embellishments - An assortment of ways to add character to a map 
  11. Cross Sections - Looking at maps from another angle
  12. Changing Elevation - Ladders, Steps and Stairs
  13. The Bunker - Ideas to add realism to inhabited spaces
  14. Small Castle or Fort - Ideas to consider for fortifications
  15. Isometrics
  16. A wider Perspective - Something a bit different
  17. Isometric Dungeon - Applying isometric ideas to underground structures
  18. Rivers
  19. Settlements
  20. To the skies and beyond - Spaceships
  21. Roads - A quick look at mapping techniques for well travelled paths
  1. Parchment - Creating a parchment look for hand drawn maps
  2. Other Mapping Ideas - 
  3. A Colour Mapping Technique
The Geomorph Series
  1. Intro - What are Geomorphs?
  2. Theory - The theory of Geomorphs (using Carcassonne as an example)
  3. Square Preparation - How square geomorphs go together (and don't)
  4. Permutations - An overview of all the possible square geomorphs in a two or three phase system.
  5. Hexes - Shifting the tutorials to my favoured geomorph tesseract.
  6. Combination - Combining geomorph systems
  7. Town Example - An example of a two-phase urban geomorph system
  8. Underground - An example of a three-phase subterranean geomorph system 
  9. Swamp - An example of a four-phase swamp geomorph system
  10. Labyrinth - An example of a single-phase geomorph system
  11. Linking to Another - In which I link to the work of Keith J Davies
  12. Hex Splitting - A follow up to an interesting point about the last post


Unknown said…
Thank you so much for your blog! It helps me a lot with my nature journalling and pen & paper gaming. I was looking for something like it for a long time and finally I can improve my maps :-D

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