Map Tutorial 20: To the Skies and Beyond

I've had plenty of feedback on my quasi-historical/fantasy mapping tutorials, so it's time to shift gears again. I know there are plenty of sci-fi buffs who've been watching the development of this tutorial series, so here's an opportunity for them to chime in.

I don't do a lot of sci-fi maps by hand (I tend to produce these via computer and 3D rendering programs), but here's a quick tutorial for spacecraft. I might do a few more sci-fi themed tutorials if there's enough interest (maybe some installations, close-ups for shuttlecraft, orbital stations, etc.)

Sorry about the darkness on this tutorial, I'm breaking in a new scanner (or, more accurately, I pulled down an old scanner from my roof storage...a multi-function centre with obsolete cartridges that are no longer available, but doesn't need anything installed for the scanner function to work).


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