Voidstone Preview Part 2

The third and fourth books for Voidstone Chronicles are now written up and ready for public critique.

Now we've got the books of Earth, Wood, Fire and Metal (You can find them here.). The Book of Water, which is the GMs guide, is being written up now, along with the first set of culture and calling books.

The first four callings are the core occupations for heroes in Voidstone Chronicles, they vaguely follow the traditional split of Fighter, Wizard, Cleric, Rogue...but not quite.

Warriors tend to be soldiers or mercenaries depending on where they are from; either way, they hit things hard.
Hunters might be bounty hunters or nimble-footed tomb robbers; either way, they're fast.
Adepts might be learned scholars who master ancient mysteries through formal training, or intuitive prodigies; either way, they wield mystic arts through internalising their power.
Disciples might be wild shamans or ceremonial priests; either way, they wield magic by communing with spirits and gods.

I'll also get stuck into the 6 core cultures: 2 central cultures for the Imperium of Celestial Harmony (upper class and lower class), and then 1 culture for each of the cardinal compass points (north,east,south,west).

Following the first callings and cultures, there will be the equivalent of "dual-class callings". Only available to those who have reached the advanced level in one of the two basic classes that they unite.
The Warrior-Hunter combination is the Assassin, combining skills to be both fast and deadly.
The Warrior-Adept combination is the Warmage (not sure on this name), who hones their ability to cast deadly spells in the midst of conflict.
The Warrior-Disciple combination is the Crusader, a consecrated warrior dedicated to one of the spirits or gods.
The Hunter-Adept combination is the Stalker, a shadowy master who might be considered akin to the ninjas of legend.
The Hunter-Disciple combination is the Inquisitor, who uses their skills of investigation and infiltration to learn the truth about the evils in the world.
The Adept-Disciple combination is the Avatar, who channels the powers of the gods themselves to become a walking force of nature.

I've generated up a few dozen pieces of equipment, a few dozen combat actions/reactions for players to choose from, almost twenty starting spells, and a range of conditions (positive and negative) that can afflict a character during the course of play...each of these appears on a single card, quick and easy with a couple of sentences about how it affects play.

The whole idea is that the core system is pretty simple, but as characters become more powerful, players pick up on synergies between the cards that reflect this increase in power and ability.

So far it seems to work, but it will need some playtesting before a final draft release is ready. The final draft will go up on RPGNow for a nominal value (maybe $5), and any purchases will contribute to paying for some artwork commissions to finalize the game.

If anyone is interested, let me know.


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