The Walkabout Explanatory Comic

I'm trying a new way to present a roleplaying game.

If you've been a regular reader of the blog, you'll already know about this.

One book will be the basic rules, one book will be an in-game artefact explaining the world from the perspective of the characters and survivors within it, the third book will be an explanatory comic (containing a description of how to set up a game, all the play examples, and clarifications to the basic rules). I've finally put together the majority of the preparatory sketches, and the first pages of the explanatory comic are starting to come together. 

The ongoing series of pages will be posted at a new blog.

If you're interested, head over there and have a look. If you're on G+, join up with the Walkabout RPG group to gain additional insight into the development of the system. There won't be many more posts about Walkabout here, I'm generally hoping to keep it as a separate entity. Thanks for all the interest so far.


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