Voidstone Chronicles Hero Tracker

I want this game to be easy to access. It needs to have fairly intuitive rules and a user interface that looks good, and makes sense in context.

I tried to cram everything onto a single page for the character sheet, but the design generally started to look a bit too busy. So I've gone with the option of splitting the methods for tracking a character into two separate entities.

The character tracker probably works best on a A4 (or similar) sized sheet.

On the left is the "emotional energy"/"elemental affinity" matrix (very similar to the Shakespearean game board I designed a few years ago for a Game Chef contest...and something that's been appearing in a few games from Vulpinoid Studios lately). A glass bead shouldn't be too big for tracking the energies across this board as the moods and situations of the heroes change throughout the game.

On the right is the encumbrance grid. There may be specific tokens generated up to represent the items that a hero might be carrying; these would have the advantage of being easily moved around the grid to attain optimal placement, but having more fiddly bits to keep track of would be a major disadvantage (there are enough cards and separate pieces already). The other option would be to place this whole page into a plastic sheet protector, then you could write on the sheet protector with whiteboard markers without permanently marking it or without needing to erase pencil marks several times each session (just wipe the whiteboard marker from the sheet protector with a cloth and add new markings as necessary). If the game catches on and we produce a boxed physical copy of the product, these might even be printed directly on plastic sheets.

The second part of tracking a character comes in the form of long term changes and development. The attributes, abilities and advantages of the character, and I'll add to this the equipment actually being worn/used. I was considering a pocketmod for this, but I'll probably go with a second page that can also be slid into a sheet protector (that way quick changes to equipped items can be noted).

I'll try to post that second page shortly.


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