A Voidstone Chronicles Combat Grid

The entirety of the great realm is a series of discs orbiting in a vast sky. These discs some in several sizes...some no more than a dozen metres wide,others stretching hundreds of metres across. The larger discs tend to be slower in their orbits, and the smaller discs tend to revolve around these, or perform complex orbits and fast orbits between local clusters.

This image has been designed to print on a full A4 page (with the image stretching right to the edge). When printed in this manner, the hexes forming the grid are 30mm across the flats; this means that many standard figures on round 30mm bases can fit neatly within a hex (such as those in Malifaux, Warmachine/Hordes, etc.) It also means that figures can be used from those games where the miniatures stand on 20 or 25mm square bases. One of the ideas behind this game is that players can use those miniatures they have lying around from unusual manufacturers, or miniatures that are no longer supported by their favourite company's rule set.   

Over on the left of this image, I might throw in a few keywords and twists that make this map a bit different to others that might occur in the series. For example, there might be rules about fighting in the hexes where the edge of the disc meets the sky (things like unstable footing). As a separate image, I'll be creating up a couple of simple templates that might be added to a conflict zone (trees, long grass, bridges between discs, mounds, pools of water, ancient access panels allowing access to crawlways within the disc, etc.)

Lots of ideas still flowing through my head.  


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