16 January, 2017

EttinCon Summer 2017

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I've finally managed to get to another EttinCon. I was at the first one in Winter 2015, missed the Summer and Winter ones in 2016, but managed to reach the Summer 2017 edition.

Both times I have attended, I've wanted to participate in some indie gaming goodness, whether that might be of the "storygames", the "OSR", or some other flavour. Both times I've run FUBAR to an enthusiastic group who picked up the game pretty quickly, but didn't get the chance to play anyone else's offerings... actually, at that first EttinCon, I played a few boardgames, but no other RPGs.

It was the first EttinCon I've managed to get Leah along to, and the first game convention I've brought her too since GenCon Oz back in 2009.

For a game session I had in the back of my mind for a week or so, but which I didn't formally put together until the night before, It worked pretty well. It also gave me the right direction for including some supernatural powers into the FUBAR mechanisms of play.

I basically ran with the idea that each of the characters was an angelic being in a mortal shell. They claimed powers from a divine word, and had skills and abilities derived from the memories of their host. The word was left as a vague noun (whether abstract or concrete), and as long as the angel could  justify a way that the noun could be incorporated into an action, they could spend one or more power points to boost the action. Each character started the session with 2 power points, and gained an extra point at the end of each act (where a typical game, such as the one we played, has 3 acts). Each point of power added an automatic success to an already successful action (or added half of it's total in the cae of a partial success). Some played a series of actions with low divine power funnelled into it, one held all of his energy for a massive manifestation during the climax. Every time divine energy was channelled into an action, a distinct die was rolled to see how obvious the use of power was (1-2 everyone sees it as something distinctly unnatural, 3-4 mundane people dismiss it is a coincidence but those with divine power can see the truth, 5-6 the use of power is well concealed). It made the use of supernatural powers a wildcard, and that gave a specific flavour to the game's narrative.

On one hand, this distinction made the manifestation of power different to the mundane actions of the world, and a distinct choice needed to be made when divine energy was drawn upon. On the other hand, forcing the players to accept the result of a single die without allocating it goes against the general mechanisms of FUBAR. I'll need to unpack my thoughts on this.

12 January, 2017

Back to the character string

Late last year I was developing a concept for an online game, where a character is defined by an encoded string of alphanumeric digits.

I've been thinking about it again, and have been working through the necessary components to go through an online character generation process.

Just in case you've been wondering what I've been up to for the last couple of days...

...well, that and getting ready for EttinCon.

04 January, 2017

30 December, 2016

Behind the Scenes with Angels

As you can see from the last post, I've been working on some illustrations of angels over the past couple of days.

This rush of creative energy has basically been prompted by my Dad recommending me to look at the artwork of people he considers my peers (i.e. other children of people he knows from his church)... then me looking at that artwork and thinking its absolutely rubbish... then me wondering how these artists with poor technique and unprofessional output ended up getting jobs in the worlds of animation, graphic design, advertising, comics, and assorted other creative fields. 

I figured that there is no point simply complaining about it, and maybe I should just go back to producing more work of my own to hone my craft.

The tower maps were a part of that, the factional illustration to go with the tower maps were similarly a part of it. These angel illustrations are simply a way of refining another of my artistic styles. Perhaps to go with one of my own game designs, but it looks like the sequence has drawn the interest of a few outside parties.

For the moment though, I'll continue working through these until I'm satisfied that they've run their course. The next ones in the sequence will include a few more diverse body types, as well as some male angels and a couple of androgynous celestial beings.

28 December, 2016

Perhaps a New Cover Illustration

It's been too hot to do much else, so I sat down last night and started this illustration, it might end up a part of the "familiar" project, maybe an element of the other urban fantasy projects I've been considering over the past year or two...but most likely it will link into the urban angel stuff I've also been thinking about. 
I'm also considering that this image might end up being the front cover for something... let's see where it ends up.

Special thanks have to go to Roxy, for agreeing to be my muse on this image.

27 December, 2016

Tower Blueprints

The last post depicted the people of the tower...this one depicts some blueprints of the tower.

First, the general layout of the tower

Then a few specific parts of the tower. Including the first few which are accommodations and locations where denizens of the tower live, sleep or store their stuff. 

These next ones are places where work is done, and general utilities scattered through the tower.

A few images of detailed elements that don't really fit the two categories above, things like pools and meeting halls where people gather for assorted reasons.

Then some blanks for people to make their own.

I've still got a whole heap of half-completed sketches in my notepad, these should be completed and added to the collection soon.

People of the Tower

Once again it's been over a week between posts. It's just that time of the year when family are more important, not that they aren't important at other times of the year...but this is the time when trips to visit them for festivities and ritual gift giving occur.

Over the past few weeks I've been developing an arcology tower setting (probably generic, but I might create a simple game system to go with it). Here's a few of the different types of people who might be likely encounters while exploring the tower. The illustrations aren't complete, I'll probably be shading them a bit more, perhaps adding textures to their clothes... and there will be far more illustrations like these to develop the wider community within the tower. It's just a case of working out who might be interesting to meet, and what types of people might be useful to flesh out the population.