18 February, 2019


When I moved to this part of the world, I tried to find out how to get in contact with the local indigenous community. The first few people to give me an answer generally told me... "we don't have any".

That rang alarm bells for me, because I'd seen from a few sources that I'd moved into traditional Barapa Barapa lands. Here's an example website that shows this. But I've also seen images of indigenous massacres since colonialism, and there's a notable marking in this part of the country.

I'd been told by a couple of people that they'd be interested in hearing the story of indigenous communities here, and what happened to them, but I'd also been told that there might be some people with a strong interest in keeping those stories unknown.

Either way, I really want to do something relating to the river, probably as a sourcebook for Walkabout. The name of the river on maps is the Murray, but in one of the indigenous languages it's referred to as Tongala.

So, I'm basically thinking that this is a perfect setting for Walkabout. The ghosts and spirits of the past bringing apocalypse on the world in response to accumulated atrocities that have never been properly addressed or even acknowledged. This is the kind of thing that all of the Walkabout playtests have been focused on. It's exactly what the game is about.

16 February, 2019

The Gaming Desert

I have moved to a literal and metaphorical "gaming desert".

A fortnight of days over 40 degrees celsius, roaming kangaroos and emus, eagles with two metre wingspans (or more), fish weighing over 100 kg are known to be caught in the nearby river...

...and I literally live adjacent to a region known as Thule.

(I'm at the blue dot)

The local general store has a limited range of warhammer figures in it, but is selling them out cheap because the last wargamers left town months ago. Other nearby towns seem to have wargaming clubs but I don't know of any roleplayers in the area so far.

On the other hand, there is a wealth of historical information and anecdotal data to flesh out "Walkabout" when I get started back into that project.

15 February, 2019

Nothing further to be said.

I believe women. I believe Mandy Morbid. I believe Heather, Jennifer, and Vivka. Their abuser cannot debate, intimidate, or manipulate me into silence. There is no place for abusers among us.

#AbuseIsNotAGame #OSR

28 January, 2019

Lack of posts

I had great intentions to start this year off with plenty of posts about all sorts of things, but moving house has taken it's toll.

Hopefully some more posts are on their way soon.

Here's some shots of the move so far.

13 January, 2019

Where to Find Me

With G+ closing down, an online friend (Kit La Touche) has come up with a way to track people in their various social media homes. I thought it was a great idea and have decided to share it with you all.


10 January, 2019

Other Strangeness Character Guide

After reading bits and pieces of the 500 odd pages comprising the two starter books for the new FFG edition of Legend of the Five Rings, I'm looking at the pocketmod books that form the basis of my Other Strangeness game. I'm undecided...

...a lot of that 500 pages is providing context and background information for the setting, or explaining how elements of play tie into that setting. Since Other Strangeness is generally designed to use the real world as a basis for it's play environment, then modifies it according to the collaborative choices of the game's players, it doesn't really need this.

The actual rules of the FFG game are a bit convoluted, and feel a bit counterintuitive at times, they're partly explained multiple times in a way that builds up the concepts from various perspectives. The way these fundamental rules are explained could fill multiple pocketmods, each of which doesn't actually explain the rules... as an example, I've had to page flip between half a dozen different parts of the rules to get a gist of how combat is supposed to work in the game. 

I'm not saying one extreme is right, or one extreme is wrong. FFG is making a bucketload of money, while my game writing often scrapes together barely enough to make a trip to the cinema once a month. They're obviously doing sonething right with their hefty tomes. Some people just prefer a minimalist set of rules that get right to the point, and other prefer carefully, legally constructed sets of rules that back up their explanations with multiple examples to cover every possibility that might arise in play.

Anyway, enough editorial, here's the character generation rules

09 January, 2019

City Trip

The big move is coming, so I took one last trip into Sydney with my wife to make sure I spent my store credit at Games Paradise, and do those things in the city that just won't be possible living a few hundred kilometres from any kind of metropolis.

A few urban referenced shots were taken, comic shops were visited, Chinese baked goods were consumed, as was sushi, quirky stationary stores were explored...

...these are things I'll miss about living in Sydney, particularly the way certain parts of it look just like they belong in a cyberpunk setting, and other parts look no different than I've remembered them for decades.

I particularly went in to get myself a copy of Blades in the Dark, but the store was out of stock, so Leah ended up getting Sushi Go Party Edition...

...and I got the starter books for Fantasy Flight's incarnation of Legend of the Five Rings.

I'm digging through these now, and might have a bit of a review shortly. But the way house packing and moving is going, that might get delayed until the end of the month. We'll see how things go.