Map Drawing Tutorial 14: Small Castle or Fort

I knew there would come a time when the tutorials started slowing down. Now we've reached that time.

It's not that I've run out of ideas, it's more a case that I've had to start fulfilling some other tasks, and my map tutorials have seen me offered a couple of commission pieces. Paid work comes first.

This tutorial is a bit of a follow on from previous ideas. Once again it builds on a lot of the concepts previously described, it doesn't go into minute detail about specific rendering styles, instead it just jumps over those aspects of the drawing.

Castles and forts are a common setting for adventures in a fantasy game, so it seemed appropriate to designate a tutorial to them. One of the first role-playing resource books I bought (and one I still own), is Palladium's "The Compendium of Weapons, Armour and Castles"; and some of the fortress illustrations in it are beautiful. Some aren't so great, but the good ones have really inspired me to draw some fun castles over the years. If you can find a copy, I seriously recommend it (I believe they released a series of separate books; one each for weapons, armour, and then castles at one stage...these might be the ones now available).



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