18 November, 2013

6pm Live Design Begins

It's now just after 6pm (6.30 because I've had some internet troubles...not an auspicious start).

I've had two ideas floating in my head.

El Casador and The Bodhisattva's Smile

The next 24 hours will be dedicated designing a pocketmod game about the latter.

The basic theory...a group of highly enlightened, nearly-divine beings live in a cave that is horrifically difficult to reach. Only the most dedicated pilgrims attempt the journey and only the most worthy reach the sacred grotto.

This is the story of those beings, the bodhisattvas. They hear the tales of the approaching pilgrims, carefully consider the truth of the situation and offer advice to help in the attainment of nirvana.

These mercurial beings are generally benevolent, but to them life is a game. Some pilgrims are worthy of nirvana, some need to spend more time facing samsara before they are ready to ascend.
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