18 November, 2013

6pm-8pm The Basic Ideas

I like cards...but the 24hour RPG challenge says no numbers.

I like communal storytelling, so that works.

I like tokens.

I look through my old posts on unexploited RPG resources and find sme fun ideas. Notably the one about magic eight balls. I seriously consider how to get some of these ideas into a game.

I google a few images relating to Buddhist and Hindu mandala, because this could make a really interesting centrepiece to the game.

The basic idea for the game at this point involves a group of players inquring about the problems in the pilgrim's mind. They take turns trying to help the pilgrim overcome these issues and achieve nirvana.

The player who helps the most, gains the opportunity to achieve nirvana also (or simply gets a step closer).

...perhaps the pilgrims answers are defined by the magic eight ball.

I've started compiling notes on bodhisattvas, buddhism, and nirvana from around the web in a hope that there might be some inspiration.

Basic gameplay notes are in flux, there are three solid pages of them.
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