Map Drawing Tutorial 9: Old School Wilderness

In the past week, I've only posted one map tutorial (the one about the boat)/ I've been too busy worried about the bush-fires that get ever closer to my house. Today I received an alert, that the fire might be heading our way, and that we need to get our things ready to go. So Leah and I stopped our studied, headed straight home and packed the car with what we could. 

That doesn't leave a lot to do, and we can't leave the house because we might not be allowed back (if it gets declared as an evacuation zone). So, to keep my mind off things, here's a new map tutorial.

It's based vaguely on the old maps from fantasy novels and games of the 80s and 90s...but with the Vulpinoid Studios signature style applied to it. There are a lot of ideas in this tutorial, and plenty of options to add to your cartography toolkit.


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