City Geomorphs (Part 4)

The "rural edge of town" sees a distinct lack of apartment buildings, and the detached houses exist on building blocks that grow larger the further you move away from the confines of the city. The city becomes more green here, with open plains, trees, and eventually scattered farmland. The people here are wealthy, those on larger properties own horses and other livestock; yet they still live close enough to other city facilities that they can keep their finger on the pulse of commerce and industry. Many of the citizens here have houses further in the country as weekenders and holiday homes, if they aren't a part of the 1%, these citizens aren't far off it. 

The "capital" is inspired loosely by Canberra.

It seems like all motorways lead to the "Capital", they radiate out like spokes from a central hub. At the centre lie the grand buildings of central government, where every approach seems to provide a picturesque and grandiose image of power over the citizenry. Surrounding this central hub are lesser government and corporate offices where bureaucrats and lobbyists work to shape the destiny of the land. No one lives in this part of the city except for a few a bassadors and dignitaries who hold standing reservations at some of the most exclusive and expensive hotels. At night the area publically swarms with police and private security, during the day when business is conducted they are a little more subtle.

"Lake's Edge" is another highly desirable part of town to live, but it wasn't always this way. The river leading toward the main water was once polluted with the run-off from factories and other heavy industry, but years ago when the economy pushed manufacturing to far off lands where the labour was cheaper, the industry closed down, the factories were demolished, and the land subdivided for new homes. A few technology industries moved into the area, shiny and crystalline where there used to be metal and rust. On weekends, families come to the reclaimed parkland for picnics, and to walk their dogs among the other families doing the same things. 


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