Review Page Update

I've just updated my review page for Game Chef, adding in all of the new reviews, applying names to all of the reviews on the page, and making a note of which games ended up as finalists.

It looks like most of the finalists weren't even looked at in my reviews.

So I've got a few more to do if I want to make sure I review all of the finalists.

From the final list...

Dragon, Fly by Paul Beakley [EDIT: Reviewed]
Dragonfly Brewing Company by Michael Wenman
Dreams of Dragonflies by D.X.Logan [EDIT: Reviewed]
Far Away From Home by Aleksandra Samonek
Good Night Fairy Theatre by Emily Griggs [Reviewed]
ISP Dragonfly by Kevin Omans
REDREAM by Ron Langton
Sisters of the Hive by Jordan Saxby [Reviewed]
Stay, Still by Heather Silsbee [EDIT: Reviewed]
Tea Ceremony by Niamh Schonherr [Reviewed]
The Long Sleep by Bill Templeton
Wings by David Rothfeder [Reviewed]


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