New Version of FUBAR

Over the years I've thought more about the way the core system of FUBAR works. It generally does what it's supposed to do, but there are a few things that have generally bugged me about the way the various systems interact with one another to produce an overall play experience.

The FUBAR Director's cut was an attempt to clarify certain rules, and that pushed things in the right direction, but it still operated as a slow burn game...slowly, gradually accumulating the risks faced by the lowlifes...but maybe a little too slowly. The "Walkabout" incarnation of the rules pushed thing further, by applying positive and negative traits to characters immediately when they entered play. That seemed to improve the speed of the game, but a build up still took 4 hours or so and had a distinct possibility of stagnation. Stagnation runs contrary to high action, adrenaline filled chaos.

This afternoon I'm about to run a 2 hour session at an invitational convention. I need speed to run this, something to kickstart the action toward a climax from the opening paragraph of the game. To that end, I haven't added more traits, instead I've modified the way traits influence the outcome of actions.

To those ends, I present...

FUBAR Redux (Pocketmod Version)

...if this works, a full treatment of the game will be worked up shortly. This might be the version of the game that goes to crowdfunding for physical copies of the book.


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