A Reflection from Another Game Chef Finalist

I just read this interesting response to Game Chef.

I can't help but think that certain things have been aimed at me.

Quality is Subjective

My response:

I agree 100%. My marking rubric is purely my own. I don't claim to know what is innovative (but I've had a go at a vast number of games over the years), I can only say what looks new to me. I don't claim to love all games, and reading through my reviews you'll note that certain types of games have probably had a tendency to score higher (or lower) than others. I expect debate, I encourage it, I probably didn't get as much of it as I had hoped in my wade through the field. I'm saying what I like to see, and I'm not a formal judge of the contest. Next year I'd love to see someone else take on the challenge of writing as many reviews as possible, that way we can compare notes.

In the spirit of openness and sharing, I posted links to every game that I reviewed, so that people could have a look for themselves, and decide if they agreed with me or not. Only one designer specifically requested I take down that link (for reasons of their own), and within 24 hours (as soon as I saw that request) the link was removed.


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