City Geomorphs (Part 3)

Here's a few more detail shots of the modern city geomorphs. I might do one more post after these three before working through the design process over a couple of posts.

The "signature industrial complex" is a massive factory, with accompanying warehouses and office buildings, owned by a global mega-corporation. The city was proud to get the company to have a base of operations here and it's been great for the local economy... Who knows, maybe the global corporation started here. A sweep in the motorway leads people toward the gleaming office buildings that control the complex before diverting them in other directions so they can't get too close a look...and certainly can't see the massive industrial workings on the other side of the steel and glass (except to acknowledge it's presence). Numerous houses and apartments cluster around the complex, feeding it regularly with workers.

A dual carriage motorway travels across gently rolling picturesque farmland, before approaching the "edge of town". The first things visitors see on approach (and the last thing they see on departure) is a dazzling complex of bright lights, shopping strips and gleaming office buildings beside awell-crafted   interchange between the motorway and the regular streets. Here is where the city presents itself best with it's first impression to new arrivals, and where it tries to leave a good final experience to those who are leaving. It's said that many of the city's citizens living in this area don't venture any further into town, they live on it's edge and use the motorway to commute across the countryside to other cities where the grass is greener. 

Now we start getting to some of the plain pencil maps where none of the inking has been done.

The motorway branches where the "medium density utilities" can be found. Two of the branches have offramps, because many people travel to and from this part of town. One of the signature features of this area is a school facility, though it's hard to tell what age range this caters for (it's a massive complex of buildings), it might even be a college. The other signature feature within the bend of the motorway is a hospital, dating back decades it could probably do with some more funding due to a shortage of beds and a surplus of patients (often industrial accidents, or victims of violent crime in "old town"). Beside the regular wailing of ambulance sirens, and the constant hum of the motorway, this is a pleasant part of the city, there is scattered greenery and a few local shops so that citizens don't need to head to one of the major shopping districts, the streets aren't overly congested because it's easy to get on the motorway and head somewhere else quickly.


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