Electrical Disturbance

I had fully intended to get three or four more reviews out of the way before the finalists were announced and the reviews started flowing through. But this part of the world saw a "storm super-cell" sweep through the area....basically meaning this part of Australia gets snow, and everyone goes crazy because we're used to heat and fire and stuff. It also meant electrical wires went down, communication grids went offline and other forms of havoc for about 36 hours.

That gave me time to work on other projects, but no chance to download new Game Chef entries for review.

On the positive side, as I wake up this morning, I found out that my "Dragonfly Brewing Company" is one of 12 finalists, from a field of 106 entries. So that isn't too shabby. It might even prompt me to finalise a version of the game to be made available through a print on demand service.

I've also been hearing a few generally positive feedback responses from people who've read my reviews of their games. That's appreciated, and hopefully the dialogue will continue and some of those games will get refined into some clever interactive experiences.

Anyway...back to bed, this icy weather is killing me.        


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