1/3 of the way

With a total of 106 entries (105 if I don't include my own), a total of 35 reviews means that I've reached the point where a third have now been graded and appraised.

I'm pretty happy with the spread of marks that the marking rubric has produced so far. I'm also happy that I haven't seen a single game that had no redeeeming features. Every game has had something to offer, even if some of those games were clearly rushed to get something remotely looking like a suitable entry. Every game has provided some kind of idea or germ of inspiration that might be expanded into something useful.
1 High Distinction (85%+)
4 Distinctions (75%-84%)
10 Credits (65%-74%)
13 Passes (50-64%)
7 Needs Work (30-49%)
0 Try Again (0-29%)

I'm not sure if I'll get through the whole range of entries, and I'd be content with doing a random sampling of a third, but I'll keep plunging through. Maybe I'll stop at a half... depends how much time I get over the next couple of days/weeks.


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