...and now for something completely different

The illustrious +Paul Czege has developed a new type of game design challenge. It evolved out of a few conversations regarding the lack of advanced game design challenges. Game Chef is a great entry level contest, anyone can participate, they just need to consider the four ingredients (incorporating at least two of them into their design), and the year's theme. A few other contests have come and gone, but there really hasn't been something more challenging in a while.

To address this imbalance, the #Threeforged RPG Design Challenge has been formulated. This is a fascinating concept where a designer throws together a basic game, which is added to a communal pool. From the pool, each designer is assigned someone else's game to expand and clarify before returning it the pool for a final phase. In the final phase, another round of expansion and clarification occurs, and hopefully a well rounded game is developed. None of the designers know who will be working on their game, or whose games they will be working on... it's all anonymous.

If I engage in this contest, I won't be able to do so as publicly as I engaged Game Chef this year. But I am interested to see how things might evolve as this challenge unfolds.  


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