City Geomorphs

While digging through some paperwork for the new iteration of FUBAR, I found a pile of paperwork containing some modern urban geomorphs. There are about 20 of these in various states of completion.

It's another one of those projects on the current theme of modern urban storytelling, the kind of project that could easily link into my new version of FUBAR, or Other Strangeness... Or maybe could be released as it's own thing.

Generally, these are two-phase geomorphs, with one side variant containing five equally spaced roads/streets linking across to the next geomorph, and another side variant containing four streets/roads and a split motorway. A few geomorphs (though not as many) contain blank edges that might be farmland or rural territory on the outskirts of a city, and a few contain water edges to help depict coastal cities.

If there's interest, I'll finish off this project and release it.


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