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The Flotilla

When I live in a place that looks like this...'s hardly surprising that I've started to take a more nautical interpretation of the post apocalypse. I've been seeing houseboats like this... ...travelling up and down the river, and that has naturally given me ideas for river nomads. In turn, this has seen me drawing up plans for their boats. But there are a few other types of boats that also ply the local waterways, such as fishing pontoons, and smaller craft. That led me to some kind of floating trading port in the middle of the river. I'm not sure if that's where the river theme will end, or even how much the riverfolk will factor in the new revision of Walkabout, but it's certainly a new point of difference compared to other post-apocalyptic settings.

Winds of Change

Wow, time flies. I used to update this blog at least twice a week. There were even periods when I'd update it daily. But now I look at it, and it's almost been a month since my last post. At this stage I'm still acclimating to a new world. This is a place that exists far from any city, it almost feels like the apocalypse would come in the cities while the regional centres would feel a slight blip on their radars, and the country towns like my new home would just go on existing... ...I'm meeting old farmers who exist like immortals who have lingered too long in the world, overseeing their family dynasties, remembering the passing of ages... I'm meeting those who've lived their whole lives here, whether townies or farmers, not knowing the ways of the city at all... then there are those like me who've fled the cities to make a new life. My plans for Walkabout don't seem too far off the reality that I'm seeing here. I've started retyping t