26 August, 2017

Popping the Cherry

One of the younger players in my LARP has decided that he wants a gaming experience that is deeper than what we've been able to provide with the 10 players that regular show u to our live events. His mother has bought him a copy of D&D, and has invited a few members of the LARP to run his first tabletop game for him. I've been volunteered to run the game.

I would have suggested a simpler game like Dungeon World, or even one of my own game designs; but she's bought him D&D, so that's what we'll be running with. I guess it is the biggest roleplaying game, and was probably the only RPG available in the local bookstore (or local toy store, or local pop culture store...or wherever it was purchased). I asked what version of D&D it was, and the response was simply "the easy one"..."the one kids can play". Given that is was purchased in the last couple of weeks I can only assume that 5th edition was acquired.

Now I just need to work out a setting and a few story hooks that will bring characters together.

Since it's his first game, I could play to all the tropes, and they'd be fresh and interesting to him. Meetings in taverns...evil temples...killing orc babies...actually, his mother might not appreciate that last one.

I'm actually thinking of using the setting I developed a few years ago in my Worldbuilding 101 series.

It's a setting of steampunk piracy, with heroic adventures on a volcanic island riddled with mysteries and intrigue.

I am told that he's excited and has already created a character, which is a tad annoying because that setting didn't use the standard fantasy races, because I don't know if he's randomly rolled attributes or what race has been chosen, I similarly don't know how this character might link into the other characters who might be present in the game...

...the last one isn't really a bother, but I don't want to see a first time character running around with two of three exceptional stats and nothing below average.

...I can't even throw together a couple of pre-gens at this stage, because I'm still not certain what version of the game we're actually going to be running with.            

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