30 August, 2017

Proof Arrives

I had sent off for proof copies of The Law from two different sources. The easiest process for getting print approval was from the P.O.D. supplier Lulu. So it was hardly surprising that their books arrived first. 

Sturdy packaging, nothing to complain about there.

Then I open up the transport box, and look at the book inside.

The printed proof is on the left (it has the book number on it), my photocopied and stapled proof is one the right.

The printed copy has a nicer, glossier finish; something I just couldn't have produced on my own. The colours seem a bit richer as well, but I'm colour blind so I can't be certain of that.

The thing that I wasn't expecting was the perfect binding. Especially when the website said that anything under 48 pages would be stapled...which is a bit annoying given that I was going for a comic book aesthetic.  

That wouldn't be too bad, except for the fact that I had standard borders along the inside border of the pages (the gutter). This worked fine on the photocopied version of the book...

...but the same gutter in a perfect bound book has meant that it gets hard to read some of the page elements close to the gutter.

I'd been hoping to release the book as soon as the proof arrived. But honestly, if this is how they'll be delivered, I'd be unhappy with the product. So I'll make some tweaks to the page layout, order another proof and hopefully the next ones won't have this problem.

Since I ordered proof copies from OneBookShelf's printer a week or so later than Lulu, I should see their proof arrive next week. Hopefully that one will be stapled, and therefore good to approve without needing further modifications.

Now I know why I usually stick to PDFs.

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