04 August, 2017

RGaDay2017 #4

Which RPG have you played most since August 2016?

Hands down, the game I've played most in the last 12 months has been my monthly LARP, Nexus. This is true even if we did skip a few months due to bad weather, and even though I probably spend more than three-quarters of my time at each event running the proceedings.

I've been trying to step back from micro-managing things, and now that we've got a few more players willing to take on some of the responsibility in the game I might be able to do that. But between the time I've spent making props for the game, the time I've spent writing storylines, and the time actually running things out in the park, this game has taken u more of my free time than anything else.

I'll be interested to see if any changes in this regard over the next 12 months.
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