23 August, 2017

Live DJ set with Gamemaster as the MC

One of those "if I had enough money..." fantasies which keeps recurring to me is the idea of a live soundtrack for an RPG. This would have a reflexive interaction with the game as it unfolds, as the adrenaline pumps, the tempo of the music increases... as the character head to an industrial sector of the city, industrial music takes a stronger element in the mix... if they head to the more elite parts of the city, we get more jazz and classical overtones... in the ghettoes we get the various musics of the people who form that community. The whole thing becomes the ultimate mash-up, continually setting the tone, continually evolving... certain NPCs and villains might even have their own motifs that are inserted strategically into the jam when their influence is felt.

Morw than the turn of phrase used in games Powered by the Apocalypse, the person running the game truly becomes the MC... rapper, revolutionary, voice of the people. 

I'm revisiting this idea because I'm searching through musical mash-ups, trying to find the definitive tone for the urban sprawl in The Law. I'm thinking something blending heavy metal, punk, and rap...not as a seamless blend, but edgily competing against one another. If it had some left-field, unexpected element thrown in, that would be a huge bonus. I'm open to suggestions.

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