06 November, 2012

NaGa DeMon: Day 6

Time to reveal the first scavenger for Ghost City Raiders...

The Nomad Brave

I've pulled the abilities for this character from the range of skills that I've developed for walkabout.

In Walkabout, each heroic character has three defining archetypes (regular folks have two archetypes), the archetypes have six skills associated with them. This gives the average character twelve possible skills some characters might find themselves with less options if the six skills from each archetype include some overlap. When this happens, some other bonus will probably become available.

In the next few days, hopefully another character type, and a scenario. That will be enough to actually play some playtest sessions.

Some better formatting will be applied to the character booklets in the final version, but this current style should be good enough to give an idea of how the game plays out.
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