25 November, 2012

NaGa DeMon: Day 25

Now that I know it basically works, I've been thinking about the idea of expanding the Pocketmod playbook concept.

Don't worry, I won't be doing it just yet. There's still a lot of great potential to explore in "Ghost City Raiders".

But now I'm certain that this will be a fun way to develop the miniatures/roleplaying game for the Goblin Labyrinth associated with my Goblin Tarot Cards of 2011. That game won't use cards to lay out a map, instead I'll develop a completely different navigation system for the continental maze. I have some moulds for resin cast hexagonal plates that will be interlocked to create a play environment.

Other genres of play could include cold war spies (sometimes working with one another, sometimes working at cross purposes, and at other times directly working against one another), secretive manipulators of a byzantine city (possible the "Baron Xavier" setting that I've visited in a few games), perhaps something like away-teams for a sci-fi setting (akin to Star Trek)...all of these games would probably work with different nuances, but the core mechanisms would stay the same.

If I keep working with the notion of fitting everything for play in a small tin, then the accessories might be the thing that make a difference to the game. Time to do some more thinking.
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