03 November, 2012

NaGa DeMon: Day 3

So, three days in, and I've had house-guests for the entire month so far.

We were intending to have a Halloween party tonight...but that looks like a bit of a bomb.

So I'm now working away on game design again. I've found an interesting template for a technical manual which will form the basis for the "Guide to Outback Survival". Once I plug the necessary titles in place and generate up a bunch of place-holder paragraphs, the guide expands out to 70 pages or so, and that's before images are put it.

I'm gradually working through the place-holder paragraphs now. Trying to find the inspiration necessary to turn the random strings of "lorem ispum" text into intelligible phrases that make sense for the book. I joked over on the facebook page that I create games by doing the layout first...and this time I've actually done that for the survival guide.

The catch is that the survival guide seems to be turning into more of a "Lonely Planet Guide to Australia in a Tilted World". I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. It will probably blow out to 120 pages or so by the time I'm finished with it, but I'm still hoping it might be representative of the books that might be carried by wayfarers in their backpacks, or bundled into their saddlebags, as they travel across the desolate lands far from civilisation.

Hopefully I'll have something to show the world by the end of the week to give some indication of were the project is heading.
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