11 November, 2012

NaGa DeMon: Day 11

Armistice Day...the 11th of November. Time to talk about non violent stuff.

Actually, on that reasoning I should have talked about explosives on the 5th of November.

There are a few skills in Ghost City Raiders that just didn't feel right.

Notably, "Honour" and "Splendour".

I gave Honour a nebulous ability that gives an "Honourable" trait...but outside a specific scenario where this might be important, it doesn't really do anything. Splendour, which was meant to represent someone beautiful, didn't get a skill write-up at all because I just couldn't think of something good for it.

At work last night, a new idea struck...

Maybe honour can work based off something that you don't do.

If you go into combat against someone, and get an opening (where your attack isn't met by an opponent's defence), you can choose not to exploit that opening for potential damage. If you hold back, rather than testing for damage, you gain an honour chip. These honour chips would convert to potential victory points at the end of the game. Being honourable might give you the edge when the debris falls and the dust clears...or maybe your noble efforts have been for nothing.

Splendour might work in a similar way. If you don't attack someone, they might suffer a penalty; they just don't want to hit you because you're too pretty (especially not in the face).  

Cosmology was another tricky one...since this is basically a deeper understanding of the universe and metaphysics. I'm not happy with how it currently sits as a skill, perhaps any spirits in a scenario see the character as a kindred spirit and won't attack first if the character has cosmology.

Maybe I'm just thinking too hard.
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