01 November, 2012

NaGa DeMon: Day 1

After a great start this morning, I didn't realise that my laptop wasn't plugged in and I couldn't get close to a power point (everything had appliances already plugged in). As a result, I let the computer run down, went out into the garden and did some work (assuming that the auto-save functions would allow me to continue work in the afternoon).

When I finally finished work in the garden, tending to home grown potatoes, herbs, lawns, and a few walls that needed some work, it was late afternoon. I found a free power outlet and recommenced work on the game.

Only to find that the auto-saves didn't kick in.

All my work from this morning was gone.

I started again, this time looking at a version history for the Walkabout survival guide, and using this as a method to help construct the table of contents for a pseudo-living document.

I'm working on the notion that the survival guide is set 62 years after the Walkabout world tilts it's axis (where each year of our time will correspond to a year of advance in the game world).

Here's the fabricated history of the survival guide so far...

Version History (including major change notes and version page counts)
1.0 (June, 6 PT) – Descriptions of Independent Territories, Shattered Lands and the Bush, Survival sections on Roads and Bush Tucker (40 pages)
1.1 (May, 8 PT) – Updated section on road survival to include etiquette for dealing with travelling folk (44 pages)
1.2 (July, 9 PT) – Updated to include survival section on spirits (48 pages)
2.0 (August, 12 PT) – Added Description Sections for Capricornia and the New North, Added survival sections on Rails and First Aid (60 pages)
2.1 (November, 13 PT) – Updated to include new independent territories (60 pages)
2.2 (March, 15 PT) – Updated to expand survival section on spirits into two sections, one on Ghost Towns, one on Animal Spirits (64 pages)
2.3 (October, 17 PT) – Updated to expand sections on Shattered Lands and New North with new eyewitness accounts (updated ruler of New North)  (64 pages)
3.0 (January, 20 PT) – Added Description Sections for Thylacine Kingdom and Nomads, Expanded spirit section to Part 4 “Lore of the Spirit World” (72 pages)
3.1 (March, 22 PT) – Updated to include basic history of the world before tilt and post tilt (72 pages)
4.0 (February, 25 PT) – Added Description Sections for New Aboriginal Nations and Dealing with Animals (76 pages)
4.1 (January, 27 PT) – Updated to include common customs for established nations (76 pages)
4.2 (October, 30 PT) – Updated Spirit sections to include historical and mythical references (80 pages)
4.3 (September, 36 PT) – Updated to expand section on Places of Power (80 pages)
5.0 (April, 42 PT) – Added Description Sections for Skyfarers, Added survival section on Alternate Paths, Added Spirit Field Guide (88 pages)
5.1 (December, 45 PT) – Updated and expanded to include known festivities and community demographics (92 pages)
5.2 (October, 47 PT) – Updated to Expand Spirit Field Guide (96 pages)
5.3 (March, 49 PT) – Upgraded section on Ghost Towns to a full description section on the Spirit Nations (104 pages)
5.4 (September, 53 PT) – Updated New North to include the Northern War and the Awakening of the Geraldton Arcology (104 pages)
5.5 (July, 57 PT) – Updated to Expand Spirit Field Guide (108 pages)
5.6 (December, 59 PT) – Updated New North to Narrogin Alliance, and added the end of the Northern War (108 pages)
6.0 (February, 62PT) – Added Description Section for Wayfarers (112 pages)

With this in mind, I've also started filling in the details for the survival guide.

There's maybe ten pages written up already (general intro, and some details on each of the nations).

I hope the rest of the month goes a bit better, but I managed to salvage the first day pretty well.
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