01 August, 2016

#RPGaDay 2: Best Game Session since August 2015?

I don't think I've played a tabletop session since August 2015, so this one will have to be a LARP experience. I think that's interesting in itself. I still consider myself a gamer of all types, LARP, tabletop, miniatures, boardgames... but the last time I played a board game was as a part of a playtest session for University, the last time I played a boardgame that I didn't design myself was Christmas last year... the last time I played a tabletop RPG was mid last year, where the game collapsed because the GM was just a prick and everyone suddenly realised that... the last time I played a miniatures game was probably 2 years ago, or more.

Actually, now that I think about it, I think +Ettin Con was around August last year, no maybe July and it just misses the cut off. That was a great session, using my game FUBAR, and it reignited my desire to get things happening on that front again...but let's focus on something that's definitely within the specified range.

December 2015, Clans of Elgardt LARP, the session name was "Rules of Engagement". Everything was immaculately planned behind the scenes, one of the founders of the game wanted to use the session to propose marriage to his girlfriend. The whole session was devised as a ruse to get the pair of them together in a duel at the top of the hill we used as a sacred holy site in game. Three hours of play unfolded, leading to the "duel". It was a great moment, and while she was aware that something was coming, she had no idea what was specifically in store.

That's one of those memories that will stick in my mind as a moment that makes the hobby something great.
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