30 August, 2016

#RPGaDay 28 and 29

Day 28 - The thing you be most surprised a friend had not seen or read?

Unless this friend were blind, I think I'd be most surprised if a friend had not seen their own shadow...

But let's keep it RPG related. So, that means gamer friends, and what they have in common.

The obvious answer is "a D&D book", but I've got plenty of gamer friends who don't read rule books at all (they just remember how things have played out for other players on the table), I've also got a fair number of gamer friends who've neber played D&D...then venn diagram of these groups has a big overlap.

Perhaps among most of my friends, and particularly among my gamer friends, I'd be most surprised if they'd never seen a Monty Python sketch.

Day 29 - You can game anywhere on Earth, where do you choose?

Hmmm... tricky.

If I'm going to game somewhere special, I want it to be linked to the game we are playing in some way. Maybe if we were doing something cyberpunk, my old flatmate's office in the middle of Sydney's CBD, because it was the floor above where they filmed the scene in the Matrix where Neo had to escape his office.

Maybe on the Great Wall of China if I were playing an L5R game focused on the Crab clan.

Maybe in the massive courtyard before St. Paul's Cathedral in the Vatican if it were a game of In Nomine, or Demon: the Fallen.

If I'm going to make the effort to go somewhere, it would want to be an appropriate game.
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