27 August, 2016

#RPGaDay 18 and 19

Day 18 - What innovation could RPG groups most benefit from?

Finally, a question that doesn't assume gaming groups are insular entities, and instead poses the notion that players might be aware of their own gaming group(s) and other gaming groups. But this question suddenly assumes that all gaming groups have the same issues and that specific forms of innovation are uniformed adopted by the entire community. So, needless to say, I think this is a flawed question too.

There are heaps of innovations in the community, with some groups adopting them and others preferring their "traditional approach". In my time I've seen the innovation of narrative driven games, minimalist rule sets, dice rolling apps, diceless roleplaying, roleplaying over live internet feed (first by text, through to current video chat feeds).

In some cases, I think the innovation is just gimmicky, in some cases it actually seems to contribute something positive to the experience.

(Having written this a few days ago, I've actually come up with an innovation across gaming that I'd like to see. I don't specifically know how it would manifest, but I'd love to see the technologies behind "Pokemon Go" utilised in a fantasy RPG overlaying our reality. Perhaps hunting creatures, gathering treasures, fighting other heroes...something like that.)

Day 19 - Best way to learn a new game

Honestly, the best way has to be playing it.

I understand that some people don't feel confident jumping right in, and in this case an observation of a session in play might be a good substitute, but I'd consider this a preliminary step toward playing it for themselves. It's only through direct experience that you feel the full nuances of the rules and how you can use them to interact with the unfolding stories.
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