18 August, 2016

#RPGaDay 10 and 11

It's time to play a bit of catch up.

Day 10 - Biggest in game surprise

As I've said previously, I mostly GM, so the concept of experiencing a surprise in game is a novelty and it really hasn't happened too often.

My biggest in-game surprise is probably symptomatic of my cynicism, and that's finding someone else who is a good GM and storyteller rather than a good ajudicator of combat rules and random dice tables. 

For my biggest story surprise, again I'd have to go back to my LARPing days of the 1990s. To the events surrounding the big reveal in my character's connection to +Klaus Teufel, that was a hell of a thing (literally).

Otherwise there are lots of convention stories I could tell, but they'd probably bore you...often because they're the type of story requiring a lot of context and you only get the full impact if you were there. That's one of the quirky things about gaming anecdotes.

Day 11 - The gamer who influenced me most...

There's been a few over the years.

Samer Kassis - who taught me that regardless of the characters being portrayed, when you catch someone off guard they'll fall back on their instincts as a player, so even if someone is trying to portray something very different to their normal fare, do something erratic and then play the player.

Phil Armour - who taught me that in a miniatures game you should always strive to take out your opponent's most carefully painted figure. This has a good chance of demoralising them, and making the rest of your game easier. This applies to LARP by countering a favourite prop, or in tabletop by killing/neutralising a favoured NPC.

Richard Knott - who taught me that you can tell a great story with a group of people using no dice, no character sheets, and minimal interaction between the players in the group.

+Dave Chandraratnam - who catalysed with me for a few years as a great partner in crime at LARPs, conventions, and various brainstorms. He taught me that no game survives the players, and to just run with it.

Many others have influenced my gaming over the years, but these four have done the most.
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