01 August, 2016

#RPGaDay 1: Real Dice, Dice App, Diceless, How do you prefer to roll?

I'd have to start here by saying it really depends what I'm doing. That basically takes me back to the tactic I used for the RPGaDay questions last year, every question was analysed for it's ulterior motives, because they just didn't make a whole lot of sense as straight questions in my experience.

I've been doing more LARP than tabletop or online gaming lately. By the nature of live roleplaying, dice are a break of immersion and therefore considered anathema. At a table, I prefer to use dice, but only sparingly. If I can resolve a situation narratively, without needing to break out the dice, things seem to go quicker which lets us have more story in the allocated timeframe.

I only ever really use dice apps when I don't have the physical dice available, such as the special dice used by FFG in Star Wars: Edge of Empire.

Generally, I'm saying that there are different tools more suitable for different jobs. I prefer to use the right tool for the job rather than applying a single answer to every situation.
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