29 August, 2016

Deep Space Supernaturals

I always wanted to do a vampire game set on the outer planets...where the damage of the sun was reduced to occasional minimal amounts of regular damage. And where immortal beings sat in icy palaces on the dead plains of Pluto, or in drifting cloud castles above the storms of Neptune and Uranus, only occasionally crossing paths once the orbits of these planets brought one another near. Dark rusted hulks, ploughing through the shadowed skies, waging an eternal war in the twilight. Glistening titanium and crystal ships of the Technocracy wage war against these entities and their ghoul armies, but the mayfly lifespans of the space-faring technocrats are nothing compared to the ancient powers of the shadow. The eldritch kindred are sustained by the lifeblood of those who come in an endless horde, the "heroes" hoping to take down a god become nothing more than the god's next meal. Sometimes the ghoul captains of the rusted kindred vessels venture in as far as the asteroid belt, or even Mars, to raid entire cities of the living to feed their bloodthirsty masters in the outer darkness when the shadow war escalates.

...then I get distracted by something shiny, and want to play something else.
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