28 April, 2018

One Page Dungeon 2018 - Work in Progress

Every time I enter the One Page Dungeon Contest, I try to do something a bit different to the standard flat layout or isometric dungeon that most people feel constrained by.

The first year I did a dual coloured maze, where players would wear tinted glasses to see one colour of the maze or the other. Another year I created a cylindrical map that was printed on a sheet that was taped so that one side lead directly back around to the other.

This year, I'm going for something different again.

It's a dungeon with 10 sections that plays out in real time. While you're playing, you run a clock or stopwatch non-stop. When you move out of one section of the map, you enter a section corresponding to the final digit of the minute in the current time... even if that means re-entering the same section of the dungeon that you just left. Many parts of the map will have dead ends meaning that some areas of the labyrinth will literally only be accessible at specific times, and the main treasure chamber will only be accessible as a time limited section which is itself only accessible by another time limited section. To ensure the mystery and confusion of the labyrinth, players will be expected to map the dungeon for themselves.     

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