09 April, 2018

H/S/R version 2

Marginally upgraded

One point each in the classes of "Hunter", "Scholar", and "Raider". Allocate 6 more points, but no more than 3 points in each.

Hunter - Use for fighting, tracking enemies, performing physical feats, etc.
Scholar - Use for knowing things, discerning clues, fixing items, etc.
Raider - Use for sneaking, picking locks, disarming traps, etc.
Indicate two skills, relating to two separate classes. 
Indicate a single piece of equipment. 

For any task, choose the most relevant class, then roll 2d6. +d6 for a useful skill, and +d6 for a piece of suitable equipment, -d6 if a disadvantage applies. Each die higher than the action's class counts as a success, each 1 counts as a botch. A success may be used to cancel a botch, or accomplish the task at hand (easy tasks = 1 success, typical tasks = 2, hard tasks = 3+), additional successes provide a one-off strategic advantage on a future roll for yourself or an ally, or a disadvantage for an enemy [pencil this in]...you may also erase any pencilled text/line/dot, or ink it in to make it permanent. Each uncancelled botch causes a piece of equipment to be damaged or confidence to be lost in a skill [pencil a line through it]; otherwise gain an injury [write injury in pencil], or add a point to the class used in the action [pencil it in].

At the end of any adventure, erase any pencilled marks, and gain either a new piece of equipment or new skill.

This would need another quick guide for GMs to run the thing, and a mini character sheet. Certainly the whole thing, Player's Guide, GMs Guide, and character sheet, would all fit in a single pocketmod, or with a small font, three separate cards... 
  1. Character creation and character sheet
  2. Action mechanisms and character development
  3. GM Guide

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