13 April, 2018

#AprilTTRPGMaker 11: What's yer brand?

In one way, this question is a reframing of day four's "Describe your work", in another it's all about your presence as a designer and how your stuff gets presented to the outside world. The second option leads into tomorrow's question, so that's how I'll go with answering this one.

I think I was about 12 when I first came up with a fox-like creature that I called a Vulpinoid. I knew that dogs were "canines", cats were "felines", wolves were "lupines", but I was curious about foxes and found out that they were "vulpines"... I figured that if something resembled a human, it was humanoid, and therefore if something resembled a fox it must therefore be "vulpinoid".

I came up with a little symbol on the flag the creature was holding, and for the past 30 years the symbol and the name "vulpinoid" have kind of stuck.

Refinements have been made to the symbol, but the essence has remained with a triangular head and distinctly pointed ears circumscribed in a framing circle.

The aim of products bearing this imprint are to make people think, to reward cunning over brute force, and to look at things with fresh perspectives or twists in them.

I'm not sure how successful that's been. 

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