08 April, 2016


The new Southern Highlands LARP Game has a name. It is called Nexus, and the organiser has released a rule set and character generation system for it.

Character Generation


All in all it's pretty similar to what we've been seeing in a lot of the LARPs through this part of the world. This is basically because a group of guys wrote the original set of rules that everyone has spun away from. I've discussed this previously (and as a follow up to that post, the last Elgardt Game we ran had a total of 2 people showing up...me the Storyteller/GM, and the Venue Co-ordinator).

There's a few interesting concepts in the rules that have been considered taboo in many of the other local games, like the potential for permanent character death if you aren't careful. There's a few other things that personally I'd be changing, but at the moment I'm happy for there to be another game to go along to.

A bit of playtesting and we'll see how things go.

Now I just need to get back to work on a suit of armour.
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