27 April, 2016

I'm kind of surprised

I've had a soft spot for Rifts since I first saw the advertisement hinting at its arrival in a TMNT game book many, many years ago. It was one of those games I really wanted to get into, but almost every experience with it fell flat, and the only time it really started to sing was when we left the Palladium system behind and went freeform.

I like the ideas in the Savage Worlds game system, but I'm not sure how good a fit it is for the gonzo inherent in Rifts. I wasn't sure how well the combination of the two would work, but was happy to see a bit of development, and some innovation finally applied to the setting.

Here's the link

I certainly didn't expect the project to fund in under two minutes, nor reach the level it's now achieved.

It will be interesting to see where things head from here.

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