29 April, 2016

Half remembered dream

Have you ever woken up with fragments of a dream still drifting in your mind? Then, when you try to reassemble those fragments, you're sure that you're bringing memories into the mix, and things you've seen on TV or social media, or other sources. You can't be sure of what the dream was, or what has been added from other sources, but you know that the combination is something interesting...something that could be awesome if it was refined a bit.

I've just woken up from that state and I've had an idea that I just meed to write down before it gets lost.

A game, played with 4 types of cards. 
Ship cards - each player gets one.
Crew cards - each player builds a custom crew to pilot their ship
Location cards - which are laid out in a line, with maybe a half dozen cards for a short game, a dozen for a medium game, and twenty for an epic journey
Situation cards - which are hidden under the various location cards and reflect things that have to be confronted and overcome when moving from one location to the next.

The aim of the game is to start at one end of the track and finish at the other. The premise of the game is basically "Wacky Races meets Spelljammer". 

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