20 April, 2016

Bug Hunt is here!

I tried to do a live unboxing of my prototype, but that didn't quite work out.

I was pleasantly surprised at the speed of the box's arrival, just over a week between finalising the imagery and having it arrive at my doorstep. 

These things are always well packaged, but that's a good thing given the state of some packages I've received in this part of the world.

Naturally, the customs inspectors have to make sure anything brought into the house is thoroughly searched and given the "all-clear".

On the whole, I'm pretty happy with the way the outside of the package has been presented.

Curiously, the automated systems of "The Game Crafter" told me that the game components would be too big to fit in the selected game box, but I actually could have gotten away with a box half the size.

The quality of the cards has seen an improvement with the UV coating, compared to the last cards I ordered as a part of the "Town Guard" game.

Now it's time to start making some play videos. So people can see how the game is meant to run, just in case my rule explanations haven't been clear.
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